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I'm Jarell, a freshman at Harvard College. I plan on concentrating in mathematics while working towards a concurrent masters degree in statistics. This site is a collection of my nonfiction writing and projects.


I am obsessed with unraveling how stuff gets done effectively, and I use my blog to do just that.  

  • I choose a topic I feel excited about.
  • I draw on my experiences learning its fundamentals to come up with ideas I wish I had known before.
  • I distill my thoughts into guides: accumulations of blog posts on a single overarching topic.
  • I spend about 100 hours on each post, revising for clarity, succinctness, and intrigue.


I'm a math olympian. I deal with hard problems in number theory, algebra, combinatorics, and geometry. My favorite olympiad results include Zsigmondy's theorem, Eisenstein's criterion, the principle of inclusion-exclusion, and Desargues' theorem.

I'm a competitive ballroom dancer. I perform the five standard dances: waltz, tango, viennese waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep. Some dancer side effects I experience include a complete lack of nerves during tests and a surprisingly straight posture.

I'm a chess player. I invite any keen challengers to a game of blitz or bullet here. As far as openings go, I play anything and everything from Bird's opening to the Najdorf variation of the Sicilian defense. I also like most chess variants, but my favorite is Crazyhouse.


I'm trying to learn games of incomplete information to build trading intuition. I enjoy figgie, and I am also exploring contract bridge and poker. Feel free to contact me if playing any of these games sounds like a good deal of fun.

I'm searching for ways to optimize my learning process. A balance of active recall and spaced repetition is what I find most effective, and I implement these techniques in Anki. I also find creating summary sheets useful, and I do this with \(\LaTeX\).

I'm starting to learn more about computer science. Besides building this Ghost blog using Handlebars as a templating language, I am also familiar with R and Python. I'm excited to use these technologies to backtest trading strategies and analyze strategy games.